Services we offer

Our range of electrical services is designed to meet the diverse needs of homeowners, ensuring seamless operation and peace of mind. 

LiftMaster Door Opener

Unlock the future of convenience with our LiftMaster Door Opener service. Engineered for performance, this modern solution ensures you can securely open and close your garage door with ease. Say goodbye to manual hassles and embrace this efficient, remote-operated system that offers both safety and reliability.

Underground Conduit

Safety and aesthetics go hand-in-hand with our Underground Conduit services. By discreetly routing electrical wiring underground, we ensure a clutter-free and hazard-reduced environment. Perfect for homeowners looking to maintain the beauty of their exteriors while ensuring top-tier electrical routing.

Exterior Lighting

Illuminate your home's exteriors with our tailored lighting solutions. From pathway lights to ambient garden installations, our Exterior Lighting service ensures your outdoor spaces are both functional and inviting. Whether for security or aesthetics, we're here to brighten up your outdoors.


We Complete Every Step Carefully

At Platinum Garages & Electrical, precision and diligence are at the heart of every project. Our meticulous approach ensures that every detail, no matter how small, is addressed to perfection.

True-cost estimate

Transparency is our commitment. We provide clear, detailed estimates, ensuring you're informed of every cost upfront, with no hidden surprises later.

Site visit

Every property is unique. Our team conducts comprehensive site visits, evaluating your space to provide tailored solutions and advice for optimal results.

Satisfied Customers

Your satisfaction is our success. We pride ourselves on fostering lasting relationships, with countless clients returning to us for all their garage and electrical needs.

Additional Services

Popular add-ons

Electrical Panel Upgrade or Replacement

As your household grows and technology evolves, so do your power needs. Our Electrical Panel Upgrade or Replacement service ensures that your home’s electrical system can handle today’s demands. Whether you're adding new appliances or simply need more power distribution, an updated panel is essential for safety and efficiency.

220v Electrical Upgrade

Modern homes and appliances often require more power, and our 220v Electrical Upgrade ensures you're well-equipped to handle these demands. Ideal for heavy-duty appliances, machinery, or EV charging stations, this upgrade ensures consistent power delivery while maintaining safety standards.

LiftMaster Jackshaft Door Opener

Optimize your garage space with the LiftMaster Jackshaft Door Opener. Unlike traditional openers, the jackshaft design mounts on the wall beside the garage door, freeing up ceiling space. Perfect for garages with unique designs or those looking for a sleek and efficient door opening solution.

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Brian Hengle

Structural Engineer & Architect

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Crew Supervisor

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to build a garage?

Every project is unique and every city has its own set of rules, but typically an average of 6-8 weeks out for much of the year. This includes the time it takes to receive building permits.

Does Platinum Garages & Electrical service my area?

We are pleased to serve from two office locations. Our main office is located in Bedford Heights, and serves a 50 mile radius in Cleveland. Our second office is based out of Sandusky Ohio, and serves a 50 mile radius in Sandusky.

Do I need permits for a new garage?

Usually when building any structure, you are required to obtain a zoning and building permit. We always recommend that you check with your local building department to find out what is required. Platinum Garages & Electrical will handle most permits required.

How do I know the estimate I received is accurate?

Once you receive your estimate via email, we’ll schedule a site visit to make sure everything is covered and included for your project. You’ll meet one of our team members in person to go over all the details.

Does Platinum Garages & Electrical offer financing?

We currently offer financing through Hearth & EnerBank USA. Please contact us for details.

What size garages do you build?

While we can tackle almost any project, our common sizes are 14x20, 20x20, 24x24 & 30x20.