Detached Garages

There's a unique charm and flexibility that comes with a detached garage

Separate from the main home, these structures offer a plethora of uses – from safeguarding your vehicles to doubling as workshops or hobby spaces. At Platinum Garages & Electrical, we understand the challenges building a garage presents.

Crafting the ideal detached garage involves more than just erecting four walls and a roof. It’s about creating a space that complements your property, offers enhanced utility, and stands the test of time.

If your garage is in disrepair, leaning, has a cracked foundation, is damaged from weather or your house simply doesn’t have a garage, we’re here to help!
Please note; Historical neighborhoods such as Shaker Heights, Cleveland Heights & University Heights require the garage exterior to match your homes aesthetic: the roof pitch (steepness of roof), siding color and shingles must be similar to your home. 

Common residential sized garages are (but not limited to)

Choosing the right garage size is more than just a matter of space—it’s about accommodating your needs, enhancing the functionality of your home, and boosting property value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Platinum Garages & Electrical service my area?

We currently serve within a 50 mile radius from our home office in Bedford Heights, OH.

How long does it take to build a garage?

Every project is unique and every city has its own set of rules, but typically an average of 6-8 weeks out for much of the year. This includes the time it takes to receive building permits.

Do I need permits for a new garage?

Usually when building any structure, you are required to obtain a zoning and building permit. We always recommend that you check with your local building department to find out what is required. Platinum Garages & Electrical will handle most permits required.

Does Platinum Garages & Electrical offer financing?

At this time we currently do not offer financing.

What size garages do you build?

While we can tackle almost any project, our common sizes are 14x20, 20x20, 24x24 & 30x20.

How do I know the estimate I received is accurate?

Once you receive your estimate via email, we’ll schedule a site visit to make sure everything is covered and included for your project. You’ll meet one of our team members in person to go over all the details.

Let's get your new garage started today!

Embarking on your garage journey has never been easier. Reach out to us and take the first step towards a functional and aesthetic addition to your home.

We Complete Every Step Carefully

At Platinum Garages & Electrical, precision and diligence are at the heart of every project. Our meticulous approach ensures that every detail, no matter how small, is addressed to perfection.

True-cost estimate

Transparency is our commitment. We provide clear, detailed estimates, ensuring you're informed of every cost upfront, with no hidden surprises later.

Site visit

Every property is unique. Our team conducts comprehensive site visits, evaluating your space to provide tailored solutions and advice for optimal results.

Satisfied Customers

Your satisfaction is our success. We pride ourselves on fostering lasting relationships, with countless clients returning to us for all their garage and electrical needs.

Customer Feedback

positively vegan
positively vegan
They were so professional, very quick and did a great job! Super accommodating and very thorough. Wonderful experience.
YK Bros
YK Bros
Nice solid garage built fast:) ty!
Kristine Che
Kristine Che
Platinum Garage was the right company to build my garage. They were quick, took care of everything and left the area clean when they were done. Highly recommend!
Jerry Faivre
Jerry Faivre
They did a professional job and was a pleasure to work with
Zucka Schilling
Zucka Schilling
If you are looking to get you garage done. I highly recommend Platinum Garage. Very professional and good quality service.
Brian Scherf
Brian Scherf
Platinum did an amazing job and was professional the entire time. I recommend this business
Angela Feliciano
Angela Feliciano
Mark Bailey
Mark Bailey
They were great .
larry gutierrez
larry gutierrez
Platinum Garage did a great job replacing my old garage that was beyond repair. Their team was great to work with making the process easy. Really good company resulting in a project that got done right and on time.
Chuck Rotuno
Chuck Rotuno
After receiving quotes from several companies, we chose Platinum to replace our garage and were extremely satisfied with the results! The project was on time and on budget. Any and all issues or questions were addressed promptly to our satisfaction. The crew and office staff were very courteous and timely in all communications. We would highly recommend Platinum.